Winter Gift Box

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Limited Edition Gift Box with personalised gift card

It's the little things that matter and to add that finishing touch we send every gift box out with your personalised message!

Please use the contact page for your message. If you don't send us a message on the contact page, we’ll add a un-personalised card to the box.



  • 8 bags of our organic popcorn (2 of each flavour: raspberry-vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, chives & onion)
  • 2 bags of Super Seed Crispy Bites (turmeric and matcha & spirulina)
  • 1 bag of Super Seed Almond Crunch (with cocoa)
  • 1 bag Super Seed Cashew Crunch (with cinnamon)

Please see relevant product pages for more information and ingredients of the snacks.

  • 2 bags of our Super Seed Nut Crunch Limited Winter Edition (bags with gift tag)

almonds*, cashew nuts*, seed mix (sunflower seeds*, sesame seeds*, hemp seeds*, brown linseed*, golden linseed*, pumpkin seeds*, chia seeds*), maple syrup*, apple puree*, Ceylon cinnamon*, allspice, cloves, orange oil* (*certified organic ingredient)