Private Label Natural Snack Food Manufacturing

We Offer:

  • Assistance developing or perfecting your unique recipes
  • Sourcing and providing your brand packaging, if required
  • Conceptual brand development & artwork support
  • A wide range of snack food options
  • Flexible & smaller minimum-order quantities
  • Consistent high quality of organic and non-organic products
  • Label Check (Ensuring compliance with local legislation)

We are SALSA Accredited!

All our wholesome products are vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar free, all natural and loaded with superfoods. We are specialised on natural functional foods, as high fibre, low carbs, high protein, or calming, energising, etc.


  • Wide range of natural flavours
  • Air-popped, made with virgin oils such as coconut or olive oil
  • Sweetened with maple syrup (Alternatively stevia or erythritol alternatives)
  • Light, wholesome, high in fibre
  • Added benefits through plant proteins and superfoods

Nut and Seed Clusters:

  • Subtle sweetness with maple syrup
  • made from a choice of nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, chia, and linseeds
  • added cocoa, cinnamon, orange oil and more, for extra flavour
  • protein-loaded superfood, high in fibre and omega-3
  • perfect to fuel an active lifestyle or as a nourishing office snack


High Protein Crisp Bread Bites:

  • gently baked alternative to crisps or sweet protein bars
  • loaded with superfoods such as matcha, spirulina or turmeric
  • made with seeds, buckwheat, chickpea flour and plant proteins
  • healthy, wholesome, and full of goodness
  • for health-conscious foodies and sport enthusiasts

 Low Carb Protein Bars:

  • made with nuts, seeds, plant-proteins and sweetened with maple syrup, stevia or erythritol
  • available in various flavours like almonds with cocoa & orange or hazel & coconut etc.
  • suitable for keto diet and natural sport nutrition

 Roasted Nut & Seed Mixes: 

  • gently roasted to perfection
  • available in a range of combinations and flavours
  • great for bars, cafe shops and hotels
  • suitable for paleo and keto diet


    We have a passion for real, natural and healthy foods and only use the best ingredients available. We care about our customers and business partners and are very ambitious to develop, produce and deliver the best possible results.


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