The Healthy Gift Box - Popcorn Edition (organic, vegan, refined sugar free) - free shipping

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We are a young Yorkshire brand on a mission to re-think our favourite snacks and create a new generation of mindful snack-food choices.

All our products are made by us using unique and innovative manufacturing processes.

Our wholesome, nutritious & delicious products are organic, vegan, naturally gluten-free, refined sugar and oil free, high in fibre and all natural. 

All ingredients are chosen carefully and have most possible beneficial properties for overall well-being. Most of our ingredients are regarded SUPERFOODS! 

The organic popcorn range is made with virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil and sweetened with maple syrup. It has a comparably low fat content, is high in fibre and doesn't leave hands greasy, sticky or dusty. It is a delicious, light snack food alternative and meets perfectly the needs of health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts and is also great for kids and lunch boxes.


The Healthy Gift Box Popcorn Edition contains:12 bags of our delishious organic popcorn (3 of each flavour: raspberry-vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, chives & onion)

All nicly packed in a natural folding lid box. 

The Healthy Gift Box is a perfect present for a Birthday, Christmas, to say thank you or to enjoy with a friend or family.


Please note, table cloth is not included.