Super Seed Almond Crunch with Hemp Seeds & Raw Cocoa - 10 bags

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10 x 40g bags  

Wholesome and nutritious snack food alternative, based on seeds & nuts,

made with maple syrup and raw cocoa. It is organic, refined sugar free, gluten-free, vegan, all natural, high in protein and in Omega-3 fatty acids, just perfect to fuel an active lifestyle. Our Super Seed ranges give you loads of long lasting energy, stamina + power and is a real superfood!


almonds, seed mix
(sunflower seeds, sesame
seeds, brown linseed,
golden linseed, hemp seeds,
pumpkin seeds, chia seeds), maple syrup, raw cocoa


typical values:                    per            per
                                         100g         bag

energy (kj)                        2211          884
energy (kcal)                       533         213
fat                                     41.1g       16.4g
of which saturates             3.6g         1.5g
carbohydrate                   23.7g        9.5g
of which sugars               11.8g         4.7g
dietary fibre                      10.1g         4.1g
protein                                 20g            8g
salt                                        0g            0g